Craft beer is becoming more and more popular, and has become something that everyone can enjoy. Over the past year, craft beer sales have risen 16% in retail dollar value, which is no small feat. The rise of craft breweries can be seen all across the country, and even here in our own Santa Barbara community. Why is craft beer becoming to popular? For one thing, there is something for everyone when it comes to quality brews. From super hoppy, to darks, to lights, to even shandys, craft beer allows for so many different flavor combinations that are sure to suit everyone. Another big advantage of craft beer – it has a higher alcoholic content. Meaning you can drink less beer for the same buzz while taking a load off of your waistline and wallet, everyone wins.

You may be asking how you too can get into the craft beer craze right here in Santa Barbara. Well, we are here to help. Some of the breweries in town include but are not limited to: Hollister Brewing Co., Rincon Brewery, Pure Order Brewery, Firestone Walker Brewery, M. Special Brewery, and the brand new Third Window Brewery. What makes these great is the central location and the laid back atmosphere. Just pop in with some friends, order a beer, kick back, and live the California life. Beer drinking isn’t limited to just laying around, and can be used as a way to bring friends and family together. Brewery tours are a fun thing to do in Santa Barbara and can be perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties, anniversaries, birthdays, and in celebration of any life event. Our beer tours are unique in that we are the only tour in the Santa Barbara area to use open air trolleys. We even allow alcohol on the trolleys, so feel free to take your beer on the go! No matter if you are a craft beer expert or new to the craft beer craze, our knowledgeable drivers and staff can help pick something you will love.

Stephanie Chase Photography